Lebanon I-44 Speedway - Comments Sent to Us

Date & Time: 24th Mar 2011 3:28 PM
Congratulations on the hiring of Craig Armstrong! of the very best in the business....get ready to set new goals...

What a nice addition to a great track with so much history.

Dan Abbuehl, Des Moines Radio Group

Date & Time: 27th Mar 2011 11:27 PM
Just wanted to say how fortunate you and the local community are getting Craig Armstrong to promote your Speedway. I had the distinct pleasure to work for Craig at the Iowa Speedway in Newton, Iowa. Craig's personality and attention to detail will be a great asset to your organization. Our lose is your gain.

Wayne Kono

Date & Time: 9th May 2011 2:50 PM
Well keep up the good work on the site I'm a SGT with the 1107th Avcrad out of Springfield,MO. I am currently deploied with AMC stationed at Camp AJ in Kuwait. I'm always looking at your site to keep up with the racing new of every weekend event. I well be home on R&R this month and you can bet I'll be sitting on the wild side cheering on my favorite drives. Looking forward to seeing everyone again on the
21st of May.

Dannie Klemin

Date: 9th May 2011 PM
Thanks for the all the well wishes.

I-44 Speedway

Date & Time: 28th May 2011 6:18 PM
Where is MARK SIMON!!!! Hes the one we all want to see!!!!!

Lee Gott

Date & Time: 27th May 2011 10:38 PM
I feel that #74 Larry Hunt is a pure jerk. the way he races pushing and ramming into the other drivers. He did this last year and now again this year. The Jones guys are a great bunch, SO why does MR 74 get by with the STUPID driving and ramming others?


Date & Time: 7th Jun 2011 2:09 AM
Well! MR. 74 did it again. Only he cost the track money by wrecking 27 now he will have to build a new car or maybe not. His being stupid by pushing and shoving cost everyone. No one wants to see cars wrecked and be out for weeks or see the drivers get injured. I must say what a great sport is Jones #7 for giving his trophy to a child. Great Sport! Can't say that about #74 can we?


Date & Time: 31st Jul 2011 4:47 AM
I think it is sad that your paid driver wallace can not pass any one without pushing them out of her way!!!! Then if they push her around they get punished kind of sad i think!!!!


Date & Time: 4st Aug 2011 4:47 AM
Slone needs to grow up.


Date & Time: 8th Aug 2011 4:45 AM
Ok... you sent Chrissy to the back... however... everyone can see that the "boys" are teaming up and blocking her.... watching a driver spin his race car around her after the race was over reveals there needs to be further penalties


Date & Time: 6th Sep 2011 1:59 AM
It was Great to see Christy sent to the back. She has pushed and shoved all year, at one time she had a car completely off the ground but didn't get caught and spun him out. Is that good sportmanship? Everyone Likes to see good clean racing, not dirty racing.


I hear you would like a ASA Midwest Tour Race,for the 2012 season.
I suggest a petiton ,that could be sent to the ASA Midwest Tour Office.

We the undersigned ,hereby request a ASA MWT Race at Lebanon, I-44 Speedway. Send photos with your petiton stating the updates you have made to your facility like aluminum seating, reasonable priced concessions, ample parking, local lodging available.

Ken Knouse

I like to watch Crissy Wallace race, I think most people don't like to get beat by a girl, all I can say if your cars not fast enough get out of the way, I would push you out of my way to. Move it or lose it. I like it just like dale earnhart used to race all I can say, you go girl. You make it fun to watch.


I read the release on Matt Wallace I wish him good luck this year, as for his sister Chrissy I thought we were rid of her. I hope she doesn't find a ride for 2012. I don't like the way she races and the things she got away with last year. I don't think anyone who lets her drive their car will be very popular with the other drivers.


I will try to find Crissy a ride. I would love to see her race again this year and beat the guys, they just don't want the competion, afraid that if she races they will lose, good luck Matt Wallace kick thier asphalt.


Crispin Beaver #45 Late Model will be racing May 19, 2012 coming here from Mooresville, North Carolina Nascar Tech school.

George Buhr

Attended your track for the first time on May 19, 2012. Our family was impressed with not only your presentation of the race but the facilities also. Very family oriented. We definately will be making the trip back up your way for many more races.


We have been to a lot of tracks and yours is GREAT, but it is so nice to see the winners of the week before to carry the US flags what a great opening to the night.


JMO as a fan I think weighing after the race is retarded, weigh them before, why let them put a good show on for us and then get DQ, DQ them before the race starts. Oh and more burnouts from the winners on the wildside would be appreciated.

Viola Johnson

We are having a blast racing at I-44 Speedway, we have made lots of good friends in the pits and the stands. Thanks for making this track such a great place for everyone to gather!


Crispin Beaver came in from North Carolina to race his Late Model May 19th 2012. It was nothing but a wreck fest and alot of dollars out the window. That is racing but at the next drivers meeting it was over heard by several people that one of the Late Model drivers hit Crispin in the back spinning him in front of the field and he thought it was funny! He will know who he is and needs to stay home, not a way to promote our class.


Crispin Beaver #45 Late Model will be coming from Mooresville, North Carolina to race July 7th 2012.


Crispin Beaver #45 Late Model will be racing this Saturday Aug. 4 with a new wrap on his car. Coming in from Mooresville, North Carolina Nascar Tech School.


Way to GO GO Lauren Congrads. But isn't it very odd that Mr. Jepsens car just happens to wonder all over the track when someone gets close to him and is beating him. How odd!!!!


I know there was a lot of hot heads Saturday night but it was no bodys fault!!!! Matt just did a rookies mistake that I'm sure he wont do again!! I have heard so many storys bout what went down in the pits an I must say I am diappointed in everyone involved!!! Yall need to thank of all the young kids that look at you as idols!! But I am proud of ya Matt you stood up like a man an apoligised like a man to Cole!! Congrats to TJR for winning the High Banks 100 and to Mike Slone for winning the chanpionship. AN a BIG congrats to Jimmy Vanzandt for his 3rd place in the points, he had an up an down year. But I know he well have a much better year next year!! An I would like to say good luck to Mike Slone on what ever he desides to do next year.

Lisa Lunsford

They need a new tech person for 2013 season that goes by book so ppl like slone or sharp and rest guys wont cheat