Lebanon I-44 Speedway Staff Members

Owners: Bradley & David Willard
General Manager: Kevin Greven   mail01
Administrative Manager: Debbie Handley   mail01
Race Director: John Shelton
Fan Deck Manager: David Greenwood
Souvenir Manager: Colleen Abner
Announcer: Kevin Stubblefield
Announcer: Josh McGhghy
Announcer: Ronnie Williams
PR / Announcer: Jordan Kuehne
Scoring: Liz Mitchko
Scoring: Pam Linnebur
Scoring: Carolyn Williams
Track Photographer: Austin Miller
Photographer: Andy Miller
Photographer: Caleb Miller

On Track

Flagman: Keith Foreman
Push Truck: Dean Hernandez
Safety: Sleeper Fire Department
Ambulance: Mercy
Track Maintance: Joe Hurley & Mike McCabe
Infield Steward: John Shelton
Push Truck: Ryan Sein
Clean Buggy: Dean Hernandez
Wrecker: Ryan Sien


Chief Tech Inspector: Mark Linnebur
Tech Inspector: Jamie Martin / Scales
Pit Registration: Vinnie Wolf
Pit Steward: Simon Bauer
Fuel: Josh Henderson
Tires: Mike Mundy


Concession Managers: Janice & Fred Hall

Web / Internet

Website Manager: Marvin K. Jurgens   mail01

Contact Info

Track Phone - 417-532-2060

Track Email - mail01

Kevin Greven Debbie Handley Marv Jurgens
Staff Staff Staff
Crew Pace Driver Austin Miller

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